Black friday

Black Friday

Every year the last Friday of November is celebrated as Black Friday. Black Friday is a day in the United States, A day when people there shop like crazy. Because, this Black Friday marks the start of America’s Christmas shopping season. Although this day was first celebrated in 1952, the name Black Friday remained unknown to everyone for decades. Black Friday sounds like an ominous day. But, actually it is not. It is a very auspicious and much awaited day for the people of America. The term originated in Philadelphia in 1961. Since then, this busy shopping day has come to be known as such. According to the legend of the Philadelphia Police Department, the day after

Thanksgiving was called Black Friday. Because, on this day in the United States, the most transactions of the year were held and football games were held. As a result, the streets of the city were crowded with heavy traffic jams. The police of Philadelphia had to be very fast to handle the gathering of so many people and the traffic. Since then, the police in Philadelphia named this day Black Friday. The year is 1869. America was going through a terrible economic depression. To get out of that economic depression, traders think of a day in the business sector and decide to discount more amount on that day. It is also reflected in reality. So, this Black Friday is a much awaited day for the people of America. On this day American traders sell their products at attractive discounts. As a result, more than

half of the annual sales volume in the United States takes place on this one day. Initially the stores opened at 6 am. However, later more than 2,000 stores opened between 4 am and 5 am. In 2011, many popular shops opened at midnight. This was for the first time, where shops were opened at midnight for customers to buy goods. On this day, there is so much buying and selling in the whole of America that the index of the American economy jumps a lot. Although Black Friday is not a public holiday, it is considered a holiday for state employees in some parts of the United States, including California. Some schools and offices even declare holidays on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day. Lots of common people visit the stores on this day to buy the best things at low prices. Find the best 2022 Amazon Black Friday deals and sales.